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Posted by NeuroDougal - September 14th, 2011

Had a death in the family so I've been away for a while. For anybody that listens to my stuff, finally making a start on something new which should be ready for upload soon.

Posted by NeuroDougal - July 21st, 2011

been trying to get at least one track done a week but something big happened with the family this week so nothing will be going up.

Hopefully I'll get something done next week

Posted by NeuroDougal - July 1st, 2011

Best mention that my hissy fit is over now lol Just not gonna focus on ratings as much as I did and chill out about the whole thing. The newgrounds community is still awesome :P

Posted by NeuroDougal - July 1st, 2011

Great, apparantly somebody doesnt like my tracks ranking among thiers. Every time one gets a decent rating somebody with high voting power keeps dropping me back down (its happened on ALL my tracks!). Last one was at a rating of 4.5 and at the top of the dubstep list. One vote dropped it to 3.4. I'm not being arrogant but I know the track didn't deserve such a low vote so it is safe to assume the vote was just to knock the new guy out of the ranking.

The voting power system is unfair and too easy to abuse.

Whoever you are who is doing it, I hope you're satisfied with cheating your way to the top

There, rant over... I feel better now :)

Posted by NeuroDougal - June 30th, 2011

Had problems with the uploader but the new track is finally up and good to go. and yes newgrounds, it IS a valid mp3 :@

Posted by NeuroDougal - June 30th, 2011

I changed a few things in a track I had already uploaded. Removed the old version but the upload for the new version keeps failing. I'm new to newgrounds, does anybody know why this is happening?

Posted by NeuroDougal - June 28th, 2011

Pleased with the reception that first upload got. Because you people are awesome I'm going to focus on newgrounds over my other online stuff, can already tell I'm gonna like the newgrounds croud :)

Oh and new track has just been uploaded for you wonderful peeps :P