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it shouldn't work but...

ok, you already know the animation is naff but for some reason, when coupled with the weirdly funny dialogue, it seemed to work. I know I shouldn't have but I genuinely liked this and was laughing all the way through!


I was so prepared to be offended by this because I'm British but I couldn't help but laugh all the way through. The tea bomb was a highlight lol


I am amazed! When I joined newgrounds I did not expect to find anything like this. It is that brilliant I'm lost for words how to describe it. It actually brought a tear to my eye. Phenomenal piece of work. I will be forwarding the link to everybody I know.

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I agree that it isn't really dubstep but I forgive you because it is pretty damned good. The melodies go very well with the rhythm and the levelling is spot on. Enjoyed listening. Only reason I didn't rate higher is because it isn't dubstep

OMGL33TH4X0R responds:

Thanks for the review, appreciate it! Perhaps I'll move it to a different category (if I can).

EDIT: Just moved it over to trance. Meh, close enough.

great stuff

I love Dubstep that manages to be dirty and retain melody at the same time and this does that perfectly. Was already impressed, then the 8-bit sounds came in, then the pad breakdown. You blew my fragile little mind at every new section. There is nothing about this I would change, apart from that I wish I made it myself.
You really do have a lot of skill. Congratulations on some of the best dubstep I've heard (and that's anywhere, not just newgrounds) 5/5 10/10

has potential

Guessing from the author comments that you didn't care too much for this track, which is a shame because it has potential to be good. It just didn't work I'm afraid. The vocals didn't fit well with the track and the levels were off a bit. Good point though the bass sounds you used were nice and dirty. Hoping you will go back to this and work a bit more on it because with a little more effort it could be great.

demonrunner23 responds:

Sure Ill bring this one back for ya!!! >:D she will be grand!!!

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